Custom Labels for 3.5g (3.7"x5"x1.6") Mylar Bags - 5000 Count Labels Per Roll

Grow CargoSKU: GC0013-L

Material: Clear Film Matte Uv
Sale price $235.28


5000 Labels per roll

The Custom Labels for the 3.5g (3.7"x5"x1.6") Mylar Bags are compatible with the following products.

3.5g White/Clear (3.7"x5"x1.6") Mylar Bags

3.5g Black/Clear (3.7"x5"x1.6") Mylar Bags

Label Material information

Substrates are base materials that feature an adhesive coated on a paper or film material.

Semi-gloss: paper material

BOPP or Film: film material

Silver Foil: shiny foil paper material

Topcoats are cured on top of the substrate + ink (printed label) to provide durability and aesthetic enhancements

Glossy UV: glossy or shiny layer of UV topcoat applied over the printed label

Matte UV: matte or dull layer of UV topcoat applied over the printed label Substrates and topcoats can be combined to create different visual effects or meet specific packaging requirements.

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