Matte White Disposable Vape Pen with Micro-USB Charger - 50 Count (4.00/Unit)

PureCoreSKU: GC0513

Color: 0.3ml White
Sale price$199.95


From our PureCore collection, the award-winning white soft-touch disposable vaporizer pens are designed to be as elegant as they are convenient. The tips snap on easily after filling, and the design makes this one of the most robust disposable pens on the market. The pens also come with micro-USB chargers included, giving your customers the ability to enjoy all of your product without fear of the battery dying.

The pens have passed heavy metal testing, making them a safe and easy choice if you're thinking of adding a disposable option to your line of concentrate products. 



  • Material: Glass
  • Coil Type: Ceramic
  • Mouthpiece: Metal
  • Capacity: 0.3ml & 0.5ml
  • Aperture Holes: 1.1mm (5 Holes)
  • Count: 50 Units/Box
  • Volt: 3.7v
  • Cap Style: Snap On
  • Compatibility: CBD, CBG, THC

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