Pre-Heat 510 Vape Batteries with Button & Charger (4.00/Unit)

PureCoreSKU: GC0306

Color: Silver
Sale price$4


From our PureCore collection, the pre-heated batteries are designed to be long-living and low maintenance. With the added feature of a pre-heating element, you can ensure that your cartridge is ready to go for your vaping experience. The pre-heat function makes it so your cartridge is ready to go even when it's cold out, and that your oil will be ready to use whenever you attach the battery. The button also comes with a built-in LED light that indicates the power level.

Try them out with our patented PureCore cartridges, and allow your customers to experience your products in their purest form!



  • Material: Metal
  • Thread: 510
  • Count: 1 Units/Box
  • Volt: 3.7v
  • Compatibility: 510 Thread Vape Cartridges
  • Charger Included in Each Box

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