Best Jars for Storing Marijuana Concentrates
Storing your cannabis concentrates correctly preserves their potency and flavour. If properly stored, months later, your concentrates will be as viable as when you bought them. Marijuana flower buds need protection from light, oxygen, moisture, and temperature. Being buds extracts, concentrates need the same kind of care. While you may store marijuana buds in almost all kinds of containers, you may not do so with concentrates. Different concentrates will have different storage requirements. 

Read on to see the kinds of jars to use to store your marijuana concentrates. 

Storage Containers for Marijuana Concentrates

As mentioned, you must not store your marijuana concentrates in any ordinary container. Some concentrates have consistencies that will not allow them to get stored in certain materials. For example, don't put shatter in glass containers because it tends to stick to the glass. It would be challenging to take the shatter out, and a considerable proportion of it would be lost. However, some concentrates like resin sauce and budder are best stored in glass jars

Fortunately, concentrates don't have unique environmental demands. The environment only has to be cool, dry and dark. Concentrates will do well in the same environmental conditions despite having different consistencies. So, once you have put each concentrate in its unique storage jar, you may keep all your jars in the same place. 

Here are examples of concentrate containers:

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is suited for the short-term storage of your marijuana concentrates. This method looks risky, and some people may fear to store their concentrates in just paper. Some cut large parchment pieces so that they can cramp them for extra protection. However, you only need a small piece. Only cut the size you would consider enough for the concentrate you intend to store. Fold the paper tightly to protect the concentrate from outside pollutants. 

When you must put the concentrate together with other things, such as when moving house, you may protect the parchment paper from getting squished. Get a container and place the parchment inside. Most concentrates are brittle, and squashing them could make you lose some of their particles. 

Parchment paper is not suited for concentrates in the form of sauces, distillates, and other liquid materials. They would leak off the paper. Opt for alternative storage for fluid concentrates. 

Ensure that you place your wrapped concentrate in a cool, dry, and dark place. If you need to store the concentrate for longer than a week, seal the parchment paper's edges. Place your concentrate in a container and shut the lid. The sealing helps to keep your concentrate safe from the elements that would degrade it. 

Parchment paper is only suitable for short-term and up to a few weeks of storage. When storing your concentrate for more than a few days, seal the parchment and place it inside a container.

Parchment Paper

Silicone Jar

Silicone is one versatile material of our day, and naturally, a jar made from it is as versatile. Silicone is excellent for storage because it houses concentrates of different consistencies. Grow Cargo sells quality storage containers made out of medical-grade silicone. The containers ensure that your concentrate remains sanitary and uncontaminated. 

Although silicone jars are excellent, they are only suited for short-term storage. If you wish to preserve a concentrate for longer than a week, consider alternative storage methods. The reason is that silicone jars are not airtight. As air flows in and out of the jar, the quality of your product deteriorates.

Plastic Jar

A plastic jar is another storage option, but a short-term one. It is excellent for storing concentrates with a runny consistency like hash oil. Stickier concentrates would be lost in this jar. They would be difficult to remove, if not impossible. 

Liquid concentrates, like hash oil and crumbles, are sold in plastic jars at the dispensary. But, once they get to you, transfer the concentrate to another storage container. Alternatively, you can plan to consume your concentrate fast. 

Glass Jar

If the need to use a glass jar for storage comes up, feel free to use any glass jar. You can use a wide mouth glass jar, or opt for a smaller jar. It all depends on the amount of product you intend to store. However, you must ensure that the size of jar you choose allows the least amount of air space possible. There shouldn't be too much extra space. 

Glass jars are ideal for storing oleoresins because it is easy to scoop them right off the glass. For sauce, budder, sugars, crumble and THCa crystalline, find a glass jar with a plastic twist-off cap. The rule of thumb is that the concentrates should not aggressively stick to the glass. 

If you wish to use glass jars for long-term storage, vacuum seal them and place them in a cool and dark area. 

Glass Jar


Sometimes, you might have a dry and dark place but live in a warm environment. You do not want to leave your concentrates in the open during the summer heat. In times like those, store your concentrate in the freezer or fridge. 

You may use simple parchment paper in a glass jar to store your extracts. Since the fridge is a high humidity area, you need to vacuum seal the storage container. Seeing that not all people have a vacuum sealer lying around, you may have to improvise one. With parchment paper, seal its ends and then place it in a sealed plastic bag or airtight container. 

When you need to use your concentrate, get it from the fridge or freezer and place it on the counter for a while. Allow it to get to room temperature first before opening the container. Opening it earlier would allow the moisture condensing on the outer part to enter the jar. Moisture degrades your concentrate.

If you dab your concentrate and hear a sizzling sound, know that you exposed your concentrate to moisture.

Length of Time to Store the Concentrates

The length of time your concentrates remain viable depends on your method of storage. Ideally, concentrates should remain good indefinitely, with only a little natural degradation. However, in reality, your storage method will determine the life of the concentrate. So, choose the concentrate container with the intended longevity in mind. For example, if you only need to store the product for some weeks, a silicone container with a lid would do. You only need to place it in a cool and dry place at all times. Conversely, if you need your concentrate to survive many months, look into other methods, including freezing it.

Time Should Tell

You can group your storage options by preservation longevity. The time is divided into short-term, medium-term, and long-term.

1. Short-term Storage

Parchment paper and silicone jars fit into the short-term storage category. They adequately protect the concentrate from damage, and their prices are equally attractive. You only need to place them in a cool, dark, and dry place and avoid unnecessarily opening the container. If there are things that could squash your concentrate in the parchment, put the parchment inside a container. Use the short-term storage options only when storing your marijuana concentrates for up to seven days. 

Medium-term Storage

2. Medium-term Storage

When looking to store concentrate for longer than seven days, go for glass. The glass container should be proportional to your stash and with an airtight lid. Keep the container in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from light rays. 

When storing wax, experts advise that you break it into smaller chunks. Wrap each piece in parchment paper and put the pieces in a food-safe ziplock plastic bag. Next, stash the bag inside the glass container. Concentrates stored in glass jars last for about four weeks. 

3. Long-term Storage

Long-term storage is for when you need your concentrates preserved for anywhere between six and 12 months. If you want a concentrate you can store for this long, go for the alcohol-based tinctures.

Get a sterilized glass bottle with an airtight lid. Pour in your concentrate, and place the bottle in a temperature-controlled space. In that condition, the concentrate remains viable for at least six months. 

Still, this depends on whether there are glycerine and other additives in the solution. Additives reduce the life of the concentrate. Read the product description to see if your concentrate is pure. If you don't, you may end up wasting your precious product. 

Why Insist on Concentrate Containers to Store Your Cannabis Concentrates?

It seems reasonable to assume that concentrates must be stored in the concentrate container. But, in the era of DIYs (do-it-yourself), people are quite adventurous and reuse experts. While reusing and recycling are in the interest of the planet, DIY may not apply in this case. You need to be aware of the specific reasons concentrates need special packaging. The reasons include:


1. Practicality

Concentrates need protection from light, moisture, oxygen, and heat. Storing concentrates in professionally designed containers reduces their exposure to degrading elements. Improvised storage may not offer these benefits. When stored right and unopened, some concentrates may last indefinitely. 

The nature of concentrates also demands special packaging. The majority of the concentrates have a sticky consistency, and using the right storage container means less wastage. Thus, if you want to enjoy every speck of concentrate, opt for the best containers. Sellers especially need the proper containers to ensure that they serve every dose of the concentrates. Losses brought by using the wrong containers could eat into your profits. Lastly, the proper container reduces the frequency of issues when people are handling the products. 

2. Preference

Preference is all about taste. For some people, simple will do just fine. They don’t mind buying their concentrates in polystyrene plastic containers and storing it in them. However, others insist on a stylish and expensive look. For example, rather than store concentrate in parchment paper, opt for the aesthetically pleasing non-breakable silicone jars. Although they are relatively more expensive, they are non-stick and reusable. You only have to sterilize them in boiling water each time you empty them. 

Glass jars are both inexpensive and attractive. Glass works well for consumers who want class and those looking for simplicity. Regarding functionality, glass jars also work well in protecting your concentrates from moisture and oxygen. What’s more, there’s now a type of glass that is unbreakable, just like plastic. This type would be a smart purchase because you could use it for a long time. So, whichever reason drives you to choose a glass jar, you will benefit from its practicality and long-term use. 

Of the two, practicality is the weightier reasons for getting proper packaging. Although sometimes your preferences come into play, the viability and accessibility of your concentrates should matter more. 

Consequences of Failing to Store Your Concentrates Properly

Expect a negative outcome if you fail to put any effort into storage. Humidity can build up in your concentrate, allowing the growth of mildew and mould. Exposure to light breaks down the cannabinoids and causes them to lose their potency. Heat exposure burns out the terpenes, making the concentrates harsh and without an aroma. In the end, your precious concentrate becomes stale and loses its authenticity. 

With improper storage also comes the risk of contamination by environmental factors. Pet hairs, dust, bugs, and other foreign substances may contaminate your product. These are not only gross to see; they also make your stuff challenging to ingest. If you clean the concentrates or the area around them, you risk degrading the concentrate with moisture. You may also contaminate them with household cleaners. 

Consequences of Failing to Store Your Concentrates Properly

In Closing 

Whichever storage container you choose, be sure to label them. On the label, state the contents and the date. This way, you will not forget what is inside or how long it has been stored. Start your consumption with the oldest for optimal use of your concentrates. 

Get some excellent concentrate containers from Grow Cargo. Contact us also if you need more information on storage options for your concentrates and other marijuana products.