GrowCargo: Marijuana Packaging Experts

Designed by cannabis growers for cannabis consumers, our packaging solutions are built to keep your products safe. We were growers long before we were in the packaging business, after all. Above all, we commit to Stay Natural, Stay Excellent, and Stay Innovative – welcome to Grow Cargo.

Stay Natural

Our high barrier grower bags maintain cannabis integrity naturally without the need for chemical preservatives by allowing for optimum oxygen and moisture transmission, while also protecting contents from damaging UV rays.

The Team 3

Stay Excellent

Hand selected and manufactured in the highest quality food grade certified facility, Cannabis Cargo Grower Bags ensure the best supply experience from farm to consumer.


Stay Innovative

Science and creativity took our premium grow bags from concept to reality, and as the needs of our customers evolve, so will the technology behind the cannabis products we design, manufacture, and sell.