We understand that the ever-changing world of cannabis packaging can be confusing, so we aim to help answer as many of your questions as possible here. Please read the questions and answers carefully. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, or just want to talk to a live person, feel free to call us at +1 (303) 757-4419 or email us at info@growcargo.com



Do you accept credit cards/mobile payment options?

  • Yes, we accept credit cards.
  • Online we accept most all cards through secure Authorize checkout. You do not need an account to pay.

Do you accept cash?

  • Yes, we can handle cash transactions when you pick up at our Denver warehouse. Please bring exact change. 

How will my purchase appear on my statement?

  • Norkol Packaging LLC



Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, we can ship most anywhere in the world with FedEx

Does Grow Cargo charge for shipping?

  • Yes, Grow Cargo charges for its shipments. Our negotiated rates from FedEx ensure that any shipping charges will be as low as possible.
  • For Colorado customers we offer a pick-up option for orders to keep your costs low. 
  • We provide LTL shipping options for bulk orders. Please contact us if you have any questions about wholesale options.

    When do you ship products purchased online?

    • We generally ship products within two business days of receiving an order, but please allow for weekend and holiday exceptions (see our refund policy)

    How can I check my order status?

    • Once your online order has been shipped a confirmation email with tracking information will be sent out. If you have any issues with the tracking, please contact us.

    Can I get my order shipped priority?

    • Yes, as long as FedEx offers priority shipping to your location at that time

    Can I get my order delivered on a weekend?

    • Yes, we offer Saturday delivery through FedEx


    Custom Products

    Can you do custom packaging?

    • Yes, please reach out to us on info@growcargo.com or by phone at +1 (303) 757-4419 to talk to a sales representative

    Can you make custom versions of your current white-label products?

    • Yes, we can customize most of our products with specific colors and materials depending on your needs


    Wholesalers, Distributors, and Bulk Orders

    Do you sell in large quantities to wholesalers and distributors?

    • Yes, please contact us via this form and we’ll answer any questions promptly 

    Do you offer bulk-order pricing?

    • We do offer bulk order pricing, usually at 5-10 boxes of product (depending on type)

    Do you have a distributor program?



    Can I return my products if they don’t fit my needs?

    • Yes, as long as the products are unused and unopened you can return products (*some exceptions apply to glass products, safety products, and cartridges. See our returns policy)

    How long can I return products?

    • Products need to be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund.

    Can I get my money back for returned items?

    • We will absolutely get your money back to you for a returned order, minus a re-stocking fee. This is contingent on the product being unused, unless there are problems with the products that do not stem from misuse or incorrect use of the product in question.



    Can I get samples of your products before making a purchase?

    • Yes, we will happily send you samples to test. Please reach out to us via phone or email with your shipping info and what products you wish to see. 



      Where are you located?

      • We are located in Denver, Colorado. The address is 4900 E Pacific Pl, Denver, CO 80222. Look for a big sign that says “Grow Cargo” above the door.

      When are you open?

      • We are open all week-days from 9am – 5pm (holidays and other exceptions apply)

      What are your drop-in times for picking up orders?

      • We can process orders on-site from 10am – 4pm all week-days (holidays and other exceptions apply)

      Can I place an order and pick-up today?

      • Yes, but please call ahead to ensure same-day pickup. We might be able to process it same day as your order is placed, but please understand that it’s contingent on our workload for the day.  



      Some of my bottles or jars look scuffed. Why?

      • Products made from PET plastic often get scuffs and scratches during shipping. Even when shipped from the manufacturer this happens. Most all of these minor scratches can be covered up with labelling, but please be aware that this can occur.

      What products do you supply?

      • Most all packaging supplies for dispensaries, producers, and growers. Remember that if you can’t find the specific item you’re looking for on our website, we can most likely get it for you. We have both domestic and international suppliers that can accommodate most all requests, so please feel free to contact us either on the phone at (303) 757-4419 or at info@growcargo.com for a custom quote.

      Which Grow Cargo products are ASTM certified?

      • We carry a wide range of ASTM certified products, such as our GriploK tubes for pre-rolls and our GriploK concentrate jars. Look for the ASTM certified badge in the top right corner of the related product pictures if you’re unsure which products are certified. If you require paperwork for the certification, please feel free to reach out and we’ll get you the required paperwork.

      Are your plastic products BPA free?

      • All of our PET products are BPA free and meets the highest quality standards for use with consumable products.

      How do I find lids that fit my jars?

      • We have made it easier to find corresponding lids by inputting links in each jar’s description to lids that fit. Both for concentrate jars and our wide mouth containers you will find a hyperlink to white and black jars that fit, but for the specific lid size please refer to the “finish” size in each description.