1lb Silver Grower Storage Bags with Window - 250 Count (1.10/Unit)

Count: 250 Bags
Sale price$274.95


 As featured on the “Canna Cribs” - Los Sueños Episode

Our proprietary Cannabis Cargo grower bags were designed by industry experts. They're optimal for storage, preservation, and transportation of flower.

The Cannabis Cargo grower bags are easy to use, and will keep your product fresh from harvest to consumptionThe bags allow for ideal moisture and gas transmission rate, are heat-sealable, and air-tight. They are also UV resistant and smell-proof, allowing for stress-free transport.

Contact us for information on nitrogen flushing and heat sealer machines. Keep your bud and hemp products in prime condition for your customers!


  • Measurements: 15" x 16" x 6" (Outside Dimensions)
  • Count: 250 Units/Case
  • Capacity: 1lb (~0.5kg)
  • Benefits: UV Resistant, Smell Proof, Produced in Food-Safe Factories, Clear Window for Viewing Product
  • Usages: Flower, Edibles, Pre-Rolls
  • Customization Options Available

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