7g Matte White (4"x6.7"x2") GriploK Child-Resistant Bags

GriploKSKU: GC0444

Count: 2400 Bags
Sale price$629.95


Certified Child-Resistant Mylar Bags from GriploK serve a multitude of purposes. Ideal for storing and transporting your edibles and other cannabis products. The bags provide a smell-proof, air-tight, UV-protected environment to keep your bud fresh.


  • Measurements: 4" x 6.7" x 2" (Outside Dimensions)
  • Count: 2,400 Units/Case
  • Capacity: 7g - 1/4oz
  • Benefits: UV-Resistant, Air-Tight, Smell-Proof, Produced in Food-Safe Factories
  • Child Resistance: ASTM Certified
  • Usages: Flower, Edibles, Concentrates
  • Customization Options Available

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