Boveda Size 320 - 62% Two-Way Humidity Packs - up to 5 Pound of flower - 6 Pack

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Size: 320 (Up to 5 lb. Flower)

Struggling with dry and stale bud? Want to keep your supply fresh while retaining quality and potency? Grab our 6 count Boveda humidity packs, and you could see up to 15% higher terpene retention than cannabis stored without Boveda packs. 

The packs come in sealed, airtight zip lock bags to keep them fresh and ready to use for up to two years. Users know the key to good bud is freshness, and by taking advantage of Boveda's bulk 62% humidity control packs you can keep the good times rolling.

The packs work by adding and absorbing pure water vapor to maintain a precise relative humidity (RH). It's safe to touch flower, and the 62% is perfect for sticky bud, drier climates, and higher altitudes.

As the global leader in two way humidity control, you can put your faith in Boveda to protect the potency of your flower. 


  • Uses: Terpene retention and prevention of moisture loss
  • Supports: Up to 5 lb. (2.5kg) of cannabis
  • Merchandising: Refill for closed retail containers
  • Includes: (6) 62% RH, Size 320 unwrapped Boveda in resealable bag
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