ConeHead King Size Organic Natural Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones - 800 Count (0.10/Unit)

ConeHeadSKU: GC0326

Size: King 109/26
Color: Natural
Sale price$79.95


Made from carefully sourced hemp paper, Conehead™ hand-rolled cones will provide a smooth and easy experience for packers and smokers. With organic bamboo filters, the integrity of the joint remains intact from filling to consumption.


Certified Organic, Lead Free, and Pesticide Free Paper



    • Count: 800 Cones/Box
    • Full Cone Length: 109mm
    • Tip Length: 26mm
    • Material (Paper): Organic Hemp
    • Material (Filter): Bamboo
    • Color: Natural Brown
    • Capacity: 1-2g

    Disclaimer: The picture above is a reference sheet with estimated gram weights you can max expect to fit into each size cone. Please note that filled weight will vary with bud density, moisture level, and other factors. 

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