What Are Grinder Cards
One of the most prized possessions a cannabis enthusiast can own is a grinder card. Although most people don't know about it, it's highly efficient and makes smoking more convenient. The sooner you can bust apart some weed at any location, the more fun and fulfilling your experience becomes.  

What Is a Grinder Card?

Most people only know of the regular marijuana grinder. However, it's difficult to carry it along going about your day. It is heavy and will look awkward if you carry it everywhere you go. A grinder card, on the other hand, is portable, discreet, and light. It looks like a regular credit card or driving license and can fit in your wallet or purse. You may also compare it to a cheese grater, only that the grinder card is significantly smaller. Its small size allows you to carry it anywhere. 

Use your grinder card to break down marijuana materials like leaves and buds. The card is also helpful for scraping screens. You may also use it when cleaning the hash presses or for portioning marijuana when making joints at a party. The card is versatile and of great use to a stoner. 

Benefits of a Grinder Card

The grating surface on a card is only 5% of what you would have on a regular grinder, but this works fine. Made of medical-grade stainless steel, your card will not rust easily. Its teeth are also sharp and grate even the toughest buds without injuring your fingers. 

Grating cards are of different designs, and each design gives a different consistency. You may choose from fine, medium, and coarse textures depending on the use for your weed. If you are indecisive or want variation, select the grinder that offers more than one consistency. This kind has a transitioning tooth design, allowing you to choose your preferred gradient. 

Another perk of having a grinder card is that you can get it through airport security. You do not have to give up your weed just because you changed jurisdictions. 

Some grinder cards have an additional special feature, the roach holder. A roach holder is a small clip that resembles tweezers that you use to hold the butt of your marijuana cigarette. With a roach holder, you get to enjoy up to the last of your cigarette without burning your fingertips. Some people even use the roach holder to scoop the ground marijuana onto their pipe or rolling paper. If you wish to add a concentrate to your weed, like shatter, you may also use this feature to scoop it.

Using a Weed Grinder Card

Using a Weed Grinder Card

When you get your card, the next task is to know how to use it. For your first lesson, you only need the grinder and a cannabis bud. Ensure that the bud is well dried and crisp to make grinding easier. 

Take the grinder and take note of any sharp edges that could cut easily. Although grinders should be kind to your hands, you cannot rule out manufacturing errors. Also, the last thing you want is to bleed all over your stash. So, please take note of any sharp edges to avoid running your hand through them. You may also put on some protective gear. Once you are satisfied, you may proceed to the next step. 

The next thing is to inspect the size of blades that your grinder offers. Although you may have done this at the point of purchase, do it again to be sure. Some grinders provide up to four different grind consistencies in one, while others offer only one or two. Your choice of consistency depends on what you want to do with your weed. For example, when you want to smoke weed, choose the medium texture so that the weed can burn well. Powdery weed does not burn efficiently. If you're going to make edibles, go for the large consistency. 

Hold the weed grinder in one hand, the less dominant one, and the weed bud in the other. Ensure that you grasp both items firmly. Also, there should be a flat surface or a bowl into which the weed pieces will fall. 

Now, scrape the bud up and down across the grater card. Some graters may have you moving your hand from side to side. It all depends on the make of the grater. Check whether the grinder is cutting up the marijuana into your preferred sizes. If it isn't, try a different spot. In the end, you should have a perfect marijuana blend courtesy of this simple weed grinder card. 

Disadvantages of the Grinder Card

One inconvenience you will notice right away is that the card doesn't have a marijuana holding area. The traditional grinder holds ground marijuana, and you can collect it from a chamber. Conversely, when using a grinder card, you need a bowl or a flat surface to catch the marijuana pieces. Therefore, although you can use the grinder on the go, you must sit down and find a workable surface. 

The grinder card is also prone to breaking when subjected to intense pressure. The card would break if you accidentally sit on it or bend it too much. So, just as you take care of your essential cards, do the same for the grinder card. 

The sharp edges could damage your pockets. Some people shove the grinder inside the pocket, and it sometimes pulls a string on the fabric. You may also dip your hand inside your pocket and get scraped. Therefore, avoid putting the grinder card in your pocket without a protective cover. Putting it in one of your wallet slots may be better. 

Lastly, the grinder card does not catch the kief. Kief refers to the broken trichomes that fall off as you grind the marijuana buds. The kief contains cannabinoids and terpenes that add flavor to your marijuana. Kief is easy to catch with other grinders, but not with the grinder card.

Disadvantages of the Grinder Card

In Closing

A grinder card is an easy-to-use, portable, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to your typical weed grinder.  Get it at Grow Cargo and enjoy the convenience of handling and using weed. We also stock a variety of marijuana packaging products to retailers and wholesalers.