He was the son of a son of a grower - his name was Ganj.  From the island of Ihi Yahun Ihi.  His father like his father before him grew all of the vegetables for the villagers of the island as well as the magical flower which the villagers called the Kind. 

Ganj’s uncle provided fresh fish for the village.  But Ganj had a secret.  Ganj had always dreamed of being a pirate.

Ganj’s mother and father knew of his secret and would remind Ganj that without him growing the vegetables and the Kind, the village would go hungry and without the fresh Kind many would fall ill.

You see the village was very spread out from the leeward to the windward.  In addition to the fishing his uncle did, Ganj and his uncle also *delivered* the vegetables and the Kind to the other side (windward) of the island, thus the dream to become a pirate!!!

During these journeys to the other side, Ganj became perplexed that he was unable to provide the vegetables and the Kind as fresh as he would like to the other side’s villagers. Eventually Ganj, with a little help from others, found a way to package the fresh vegetables and the Kind to his satisfaction.  And thus Cannabis Cargo was born.

To be continued…