The Importance of Marijuana Packaging and Branding
Cannabis itself might seem like the most necessary product for a cannabis dispensary to focus on, but without proper marijuana packaging and branding, cannabis quality does not matter at all. When drafting a business plan, prioritize finding a marijuana packaging supplier with industry knowledge and top-quality packaging materials. Ensure your supplier is within your budget, but do not sacrifice quality for thrift. Quality weed packaging ensures that your product does not spoil, keeps your dispensary looking professional to customers, ensures compliance with local standards and regulations, and provides space for information and advertising.

Cannabis Packaging for the Sake of Your Product

Maintaining weed's freshness while it is part of your inventory is a necessity. For this, you might have vacuum-sealed jars or bags. You might only sell cannabis within a specific time from harvest. No matter how fresh you keep it, you still only have limited control over its freshness once it leaves your shelf and enters into a customer's possession.

Having quality cannabis packaging can ensure longer shelf life once it is out of your view. Mylar bags are a way to seal freshness by locking out air. A dispensary might also serve its flowers in glass jars or plastic push-and-turn vials. All these options fulfill the role of keeping marijuana fresh for a lengthier period. The difference comes down to aesthetics. You might want to consider using different packaging for different amounts of weed or variant strains. Branding is also a consideration when picking packaging, and fortunately, most forms of packaging have space for labels.

Cannabis Packaging for the Sake of Your Product

Packaging as Branding

Quality packaging can be a form of branding unto itself. Many wholesale dispensary suppliers give you the option of customized branding, but you cannot overlook the benefit of having defect-free packaging. The catchiest label and copy will not look right to a customer if it is on a jar or bag that will not stay shut.

Your customer should be able to use and reuse their packaging. If you are one of the dispensaries in your area serving top-quality weed at competitive prices, then packaging could be the breaking point in converting customers. If a potential customer sees a peer with clean, functional jars or reusable tubes included in their purchase, they are likely to end up in your showroom.

Consistency in packaging can also be a form of branding. If you become popular as the store that sells its weed in matte white exit bags, or white exit bags containing weed became synonymous with your store, this can be good for business. Consistency can mean using the same color across packaging or using the same packaging with differing colors for different products. While it may seem gimmicky, never discount the associations people make between brand and product. People like knowing that their indicas come in a cobalt blue glass jar and that their sativas come in medicine-bottle brown.

Maintaining Compliance Via Packaging

In the fast-growing cannabis industry, new regulations crop up for every aspect of the sector, including marijuana packaging. Whether they are local or federal, your store must adhere to these guidelines. Fortunately, most of the regulations surrounding packaging are common-sense rules that protect the safety of children. Even if it is not necessary for your region, providing your customers with a child-safe way to purchase cannabis will build trust and lead to repeat clients.

Fortunately, child-safety packaging is readily available. Even dispensary bags are child-proofChild-proof pop-top bottles are also on the market. Ensuring peace of mind in your customers will cement you as a dependable business. It should also bring you peace of mind, knowing that your product won’t be misused and abused.

Marijuana packaging laws also cover labeling. Quality packaging leaves space for the minimum amount of labeling required to meet regulations and room for your branding if needed. Many laws require information about your business or information about the contained product. This information is readily available on the internet, but a marijuana packaging supplier worth your business should be able to inform you.

Package Labeling As Branding

Package Labeling As Branding

Package labels are not only a space to comply with regulations. While complying with labeling laws is necessary, you can also use your package's labeling to display copy or include graphics to boost your brand.

As long as you comply with whatever regulations apply to your dispensary, your package labels are perfect real estate for advertising. For marijuana flowers, you can include a blurb about the strain or information about the cultivator and cultivation process. You can print an artistic graphic to go along with the strain name. Have the label include words on the consistency, color, or flavor of the THC concentrates. Having more information, creative copy, or eye-catching graphics will make your brand recognizable and grab customers' attention.


Quality packaging and branding are fundamental components of a successful weed dispensary. Packaging that exceeds the legislative outlines ensures repeat customers. The impression of quality packaging comes from maintaining product freshness, providing professional aesthetics to your product, building trust with your customers via safety compliance, and including beautiful copy and graphics.

By selling to customers through packaging distinct to your dispensary, you are creating a memorable brand. You want this packaging to come across well, which means buying from a trusted source of defect-free bottles and bags. A supplier that serves high-quality packaging materials can also be trusted to keep up to date on current industry regulations. For this reason, make quality a priority over price when choosing a supplier.

You can source your package labeling and packages from different places. Having a source that can customize packaging will streamline efforts. Get creative with your packaging by hiring or outsourcing copywriters and graphic artists. Do not fall into the habit of changing up packaging and labeling. Consistent branding is part of cementing your dispensary in the minds of customers.

Bear in mind that the best cannabis will only go so far in a saturated market. Bolster your product with best-in-class packaging. Your business goals and bottom line will thank you.