1ml Black Disposable Soft-Touch Vape Pen with Ceramic Bucket Core

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These disposable vape pens are perfect for thick concentrates like Delta-8 and THC. With a ceramic bucket core instead of intake holes, the oil will not clog the airflow like on normal cartridges/pens. Let sit for 48-72 hours before hitting, and you'll have smooth experience. The pens are consumer friendly with their micro-usb charging ability, as well as a roomy 1ml tank and soft-touch finish. 



  • Material: Plastic & Glass
  • Coil Type: Black Ceramic
  • Mouthpiece: Plastic
  • Capacity: 1.0 ml
  • Intake Method: Porous Ceramic Bucket Core
  • Count: 100 Units/Box
  • Cap Style: Snap On
  • Compatibility: D8 (Delta-8), CBD, CBG, THC (Delta-9)

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