Black Delta-8 Disposable Ceramic Bucket Core Vape Pen - 100 Count (6.95/Unit)

Size: 0.5ml Tank
Sale price$695


These disposable vape pens come with a 1ml tank and soft-touch finish, and are perfect for thick concentrates like Delta-8 and THC.

With a ceramic bucket core instead of intake holes, the oil won't clog the airflow like on normal 2mm intake hole cartridges/pens. It doesn't even require a pre-heat function on the battery to heat up the oil in order to make it work. 

The disposable vape pens are built to let you enjoy all the concentrates you bough, no matter how long it takes. Each pen has micro-usb charging ability, just in case the battery runs out of juice before you do. 

Please let the pen sit for 48-72 hours before using to allow for proper filling of the porous ceramic bucket, and you'll have smooth experience every time. 



  • Material: Plastic & Glass
  • Tank: Glass
  • Mouthpiece: Plastic
  • Capacity: 0.5ml / 1.0 ml
  • Intake Method: Porous Ceramic Bucket Core
  • Count: 100 Units/Box
  • Cap Style: Snap On
  • Compatibility: D8 (Delta-8), CBG, THC (Delta-9)

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