3oz White PET Jar with CR Lid & PE Liner - 608 Count (0.64/Unit)

Grow CargoSKU: GC0486

Count: 608 Jars & Lids
Sale price$389.95


These push & turn PET vials are great for dispensaries and producers alike, with a big branding-surface to proudly display your company and product. They use a “push and turn” lock system on the cap to keep your container child proof, plus a PE liner inside the cap to seal in the freshness. The opaque color designs keep them both UV protected and state compliant. There's plenty of room for standardized and mandated labels.

Certified child-resistant lids with PE liner come shipped in separate box.



  • Count: 608 Units/Case (Jar and Lid / 2 Boxes Total)
  • Capacity: 1/8oz (3.5 Gram)
  • Material: Recyclable Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • Benefits: Produced in Food-Safe Facilities, UV-Resistant, Child Resistant, Smell Proof, Spill Proof, Watertight
  • Cap Style: Push & Turn Top with PE Liner
  • Usage: Flower, Edibles, Pain Creams & Salves
  • ASTM Certified Child-Resistant

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