AVEO Industrial Series 0.5ml Cartridge

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Safety - We begin with the safest alloys in the industry - 10x cleaner than our competition. It's why our customers never worry about passing state lab testing requirements. Our cartridges are rigorously tested using a proprietary formulation. 
Reliability - We've produced over 40 million cartridges for leading brands and are known to deliver the lowest failure rates. Even our competition recognises our intense standards due to our complete control across our entire manufacturing process. 
Performance - Our heating technology has been finely tuned to deliver precision and consistency that makes leakage, clogging and flavor distortion an afterthought, allowing you to focus on your oils. 

Compatible with regular 510 thread batteries. We recommend a battery with a pre-heat ability for viscous oils to ensure a smooth hit in case the oil needs to be heated up before use. 


  • Mouthpiece (Choose Between):
  •      Black Ceramic - Flat/Barrel
  •      White Ceramic - Flat/Barrel
  •      Hemp Plastic - Flat/Barrel
  • Mouthpiece Type: Press on
  • Capacity: 0.5ml
  • Aperture Holes: 2mm
  • Count: 100 Units/Box

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