Storing Cannabis Permanently in Mylar Bags

Weed smokers who buy weed by the ounces or in bulk will need to store their extra buds until they are ready to use them. But, as marijuana enthusiasts know, you can’t just toss your cannabis flower into any bag or onto any countertop to store it. It would be best if you used specialized, quality bags.

If you don’t store your cannabis correctly, you risk your buds degrading. They’ll lose their freshness and potency. There are few things as disappointing as taking out the weed you purchased a few weeks ago, lighting it up, and realizing it has gone bad. Especially knowing that you could have easily prevented this with proper cannabis storage.

One popular permanent cannabis storage option: mylar bags. These storage containers offer many benefits and are an ideal container to store your weed between uses.

What Are Mylar Bags?

You may have heard of mylar before; it is popularly used in helium balloons. But, what exactly is it?

DuPont Chemical Company created mylar in the 1950s. Mylar is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate. Mylar bags come from this strong material.

Unlike air-tight containers, mylar bags do more than keep out air; they also keep the gas out. Mylar bags are also known for preventing odors from escaping, an important feature for those storing weed. It offers both discretion and preserves the terpene profile of the bud stored inside.

Benefits of Mylar Bags

Benefits of Mylar Bags

There are many reasons people are turning to mylar bags as a permanent weed storage option. These bags offer many benefits that make them the perfect container to store your cannabis flowers, including:

  • They are opaque. Protecting your buds from light exposure is important, and mylar bags do just that, thanks to their opaque design. Because these bags prevent light from getting through, they help your cannabis buds maintain their color, odor, and taste. Light exposure can also impact a bud’s potency.
  • They keep your bud fresh. Mylar bags are a proven freshness protector, keeping out water and air, which can degrade your product’s quality.
  • They don’t absorb odor. Just as mylar bags prevent odor from escaping, they also don’t absorb the odor themselves. Since cannabis is known for being aromatic, and its fragrance is part of its flavor, this is an important benefit of mylar bags.
  • They are strong. This means you don’t have to worry about your bag tearing as it is moved around or while it sits in its storage place. Mylar bags can be re-used because of their durable nature, as long as they’ve been cleaned between buds.

Weed Retailers and Mylar Bags

People who smoke and enjoy weed aren’t the only ones that can use and benefit from using mylar bags. Local marijuana dispensaries, as well as large online dispensaries, often use mylar bags for packaging sold marijuana buds for their customers as well.

By using mylar bags to package cannabis, retailers can help customers be discrete with their purchases. Since the bags are opaque, nobody can see inside to see what you have purchased.

Plus, because mylar bags are known for preventing odors from escaping, nobody who visits a customer’s home or who is around the customer as they transport their product will know what is in the bag due to marijuana’s tell-tale scent.

When customers buy weed in bulk, using mylar bags to package the items can also help ensure the store’s product lasts until those customers decide to use it, leaving online marijuana retailers with satisfied customers instead of disappointed ones.

Tips for Storing Weed

Tips for Storing Weed

Though the storage container is arguably one of the most important things you need to consider when storing weed, there are other things you should take into consideration as well. Once the weed is placed in a mylar bag, your job is not done.

When it comes to finding a place to keep the mylar bag of weed, remember it needs to be kept in a dark, cool, and dry environment.

  • Dark. As mentioned before, light can trigger the breakdown of your cannabis plant. Not only does it impact its color, but it can also cause THC to break down early, impacting your high. Though mylar bags are opaque, it’s still a good idea to keep your weed in a dark place.
  • Cool. THC and the terpene on buds are heat-sensitive; it’s why we smoke them. Keeping your weed in a cool place helps preserve its freshness. It is recommended that buds be kept in a place with a temperature between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius.
  • Dry. Humidity and exposure to moisture can cause a whole host of problems for your weed. Though your mylar bag is air-tight, store your buds in a dry place as well to help your bag out.

In addition to keeping your weed in an ideal environment, that is just part of the equation. Here are two more weed storage tips to keep in mind as you pack up your buds.

  • If you have young people in your home, be sure to keep your cannabis products out of their reach. Consider purchasing child-resistant mylar bags as an added layer of protection, giving you peace of mind that your buds are safe and out of the hands of little ones.  
  • Be sure to label your bag before you put your marijuana in its storage spot. Put the type of strain it contains and even the date you packed it. This is a simple step, but it helps keep your weed bags organized.  

Mylar Bags: A Summary

For weed users looking for a permanent weed storage solution, mylar bags are an excellent option. These bags offer various benefits, all of which help protect your marijuana flower from degrading or losing its potency while in storage.

Users don’t have to fear that cannabis will go bad to prevent them from buying in bulk. Having the proper equipment to use to store your cannabis can ensure it lasts a long time.