How to Store Shatter

Those new to the weed community may be surprised to discover there are more products than just cannabis flowers and edibles available on the market. As more countries start to legalize marijuana use for both medical and recreational use, more products start to be developed.

Recently, cannabis concentrates have gained more following. Available in many forms such as shatter, wax, and oil, concentrates are popular because of their powerful effects.

Smoked through dabbing, an ounce of shatter can go a long way. Whether you buy an ounce at a time or buy in bulk, you’ll likely need to know how to store your shatter. But it’s not as simple as just tossing it in a cupboard and forgetting about it.

Below, we cover how to store shatter for days, weeks, and even months. Plus, discover three mistakes you want to be sure to avoid when storing your shatter.


What Is Shatter Weed?

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate. Like other concentrates, it comes from cannabis extract and butane extraction. What you are left with is a highly potent product that users can inhale via dabbing.

This particular concentrate has a unique appearance. Shatter has a brittle, glass-like texture. As its name suggests, it can be broken (or shattered) into smaller pieces. It comes in an amber color and is semi-transparent.

People enjoy using concentrates such as shatter for many reasons, but the most popular reason is its high THC content. Most cannabis flowers contain up to 25 percent THC, which is considered to be on the high end of the spectrum. Shatter can even contain up to 90 percent THC.

THC is the compound responsible for the high marijuana users experience. Its high THC content means shatter users can get an incredible high with just a little bit of the product.

What Is Shatter

How to Store Shatter

Because a little bit of shatter can go a long way, marijuana users will typically need a place to store it between uses. For those who only use shatter on occasion, they will also likely need a way to store their shatter long term. After all, you don’t want your product to go to waste.

The kind of shatter storage depends on how long you will need to store your product.

For short-term storage (a week or less), users can store the product using parchment paper. Spread out the shatter on the parchment paper, and then cut enough to make sure you can fold the paper to cover the shatter completely. You want to make sure there are no gaps around the edges to keep the shatter away from outside elements.

To offer your shatter a bit more protection, even if you are only storing it for a short time, consider placing your shatter bundle in a child-resistant bag.

For medium-term storage (up to a few weeks), you’ll need to take a few additional steps. Still start by using parchment paper to wrap your shatter. Next, you’ll want to make sure you place the parchment bundle in a sealed container. You can either seal a bag or place the shatter and parchment paper in a jar.  

Whether you are storing your shatter for a week or a few weeks, you’ll want to store your packaged shatter in a cool, dark, dry place. If you live in a warm climate, consider keeping your shatter in a refrigerator to protect it.

Finally, if you need to store shatter for an extended period of time, you may want to consider freezing it. Still use parchment paper to wrap the shatter. Then, place it in a glass jar that has been vacuumed-sealed. This prevents humidity from finding its way inside the container and damaging your concentrate.

Tips for Storing Concentrates

When it comes to storing your shatter, be sure to:

  • Invest in quality storage materials. Don’t just use the empty spaghetti jar you have on hand. A used, un-sterilized container can introduce contaminants to your product.
  • Keep it away from children. There are many child-proof storage containers available. If you have children in your home, make sure you choose a safe storage that they can’t get into.
  • Choose opaque containers to protect your shatter from light. This is a simple way to provide your concentrate with an added layer of protection.

If you are unsure how to store your product or need help choosing the right one, don’t hesitate to reach out to your online retailer.

Shatter Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Shatter Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Not storing your shatter correctly can affect your shatter’s quality and potency. As you prepare to store your concentrate, avoid these mistakes.

  • Don’t use the wrong jar. Although some concentrates can be stored directly in jars, shatter is not one of them. Without the parchment paper, shatter will stick to the side of glass jars, making it difficult to get out when you want to use it.
  • Don’t leave your shatter exposed to light. Light exposure can degrade the shatter’s quality. Light can speed up THC degradation, leaving you with a less-potent product.
  • Don’t open it immediately after freezing it. If you store shatter in your freezer (best of long-term storage), you need to let it completely thaw before you break the seal. Be patient and let it get to room temperature to maintain its quality.

In Conclusion

With its high THC content, shatter offers users a powerful high with potent effects. A little can go a long way with shatter, leaving users with the need to store it until their next use.

Properly storing shatter ensures the product does not degrade over time, losing its trademark potency and color. Plus, if exposed to outside elements like humidity, it will start to break down.

Using parchment paper and an airtight container, you can preserve your shatter for a few weeks, a few months, or even longer. Once your shatter is properly packed for storage, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place.